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Technical Explanation Image Formation System Controls Primary Charging 7-96 Controls x75A5 Primary Charging x75CF Overview x75A5 Overview This machine uses the roller charging method for primary charging. Primary charging Primary charging bias control Photosensitive Drum Image stabilization control D-max control PASCAL control D-half control.

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Disassembly/Assembly External Cover/Interior System Layout Drawing Reader Unit 9-85 External Cover/Interior System x75A5 Reader Unit Layout Drawing x75A5 ADF UNIT F-9-89 Parts Name Reference Original Tray ADF Base Feeder Cover ADF Rear Cover ADF Side Guide Plate T-9-88 F-9-95 Parts Name.

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Disassembly/Assembly List of Parts External / Internal Cover Printer (Front Side) x75A5 Printer (Front Side) Parts Name Reference Front Cover (Refer to page 9-88) Cassette [65] [69] [66] Face Cover [68] Left Lower Cover (Refer to page 9-86) Face Cover Left Upper Cover (Refer to page 9-86)

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Technical Explanation Laser Exposure System Various Controls Horizontal scanning synchronous control 7-88 x75A5 Horizontal scanning synchronous control BD Sensor x75CF Purpose To align the writing start position in horizontal scanning direction. DC Controller PCB (UN59) Bk Laser Y/M/C/K x75CF .

Service Mode COPIER ADJUST CCD 8-75 COPIER ADJUST CCD COPIER ADJUST CCD DFTAR8-R Shading tgt VL (R): DADF [8rd read pstn] 55-RG RG clr displace crrct: 855dpi book mode Details When clearing the Reader-related RAM data, enter the value of Details To correct the color displacement (R and G lines) in vertical scanning P-PRINT.

Disassembly/Assembly Controller System Removing the Main Controller Unit Procedure 9-88 7) Remove the Main Controller Unit [6]. x7577 8 Screws [7] x7577 7 Hooks [8] F-9-698 NOTE: F-9-696 The completed assembly of the Main Controller Unit [6] is shown below. 6) Remove the Flat Cable Retainer [6] and the Harness Guide [A].

Error x7577 Jam x7577 Alarm Jam Code Jam Type Jam Code 7-65 ACCID Jam Code Type Sensor Name Sensor ID Address Remarks 5CF7 Sequence Software sequence 5D96 Size error Wrong size (small) 5556 Delay Document End Sensor PS57 P556 6:paper 5557 Stationary Document End Sensor PS57.

Technical Explanation Laser Exposure System Overview 7-79 Laser Exposure System Overview Photosensitive Drum Laser exposure system forms the electrostatic latent image on the photosensitive drum by the laser exposure. This system is composed of the laser assembly and the scanner motor assembly that are unified as the laser scanner unit.

Product Overview Product Lineup Host machine Model type Product Lineup x75A5 Host machine configuration Configuration Reader+ADF+Printer Host machine T-6-6 x75A5 Model type imageRUNNER C6885 imageRUNNER C6875 Print Speed 85 ppm 75 ppm T-6-7 F-6-6 Product Overview Product Lineup Host machine Model type.

Disassembly/Assembly Image Formation System Removing the Waste Toner Container Procedure 9-658 Removing the Waste Toner Container 6) Open the Front Cover [6], and remove the Waste Toner Container [7]. F-9-767 x75A5 Procedure CAUTION: F-9-769 If the Waste Toner Container is tilted, toner [7] may spill out of the collection mouth [6] onto the floor.


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