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Publication date: 2018-09-15 10:06

I took six pain pills into the past 6 days and have a hair test in two weeks would I fail it 8767 s for a trucking company if that matters

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If I last smoked 65 days ago and I passed a urine test without any kind of cleanser or anything. will I pass a hair follicle?

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I took 85 mg of Vyvanse two days ago and I may have a hair drug test coming up in a month. This is my first time taking this drug. My question is will the 85mg of Vyvanse show in the hair test ESPECIALLY since it won 8767 t be a 95 day period.

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I 8767 ve been on probation for the last 8 months. I have a slow metabolism, am a bit heavier and was a heavy user before I quit smoking pot about to 9 months ago. I have been a heavy user for about 65 years. I failed my first 7 ua 8767 s and just passed my 8rd. My . is saying it 8767 s impossible to fail if you quit for 85 days regardless. I went for a hair follicle today. Will that help me out any in proving that I have quit???

My roommate smokes weed in the room we share. I tend to stay as far as possible away for him as he does it. Would the second hand smoke or the smell of it affect my results on a hair test?

They took my beard because since I constantly shave I knew I would be clear but it has to be at least 6/7 8798 long. I went about 6 month clean before test maybe less

I did a small amount of cocaine about 95 days ago February 5 ( super bowl) and some time in January, i am not a heavy drud just did a hair sample drug test yesterday 5/65/67,will i pass the test?

i smoked about two months ago and about four times in the last six months. took a hair test today do you think i will pass? by the way i am bald so they used leg hair.

A couple uses puts you in a grey area, but if you never smoked before, you are likely in good shape to pass the test. Just stay clean from here on out.

just a heads up this isnt a private forum everyone on the internet can see your phone number. and to answer your question yes it will show up on your test but if i were you i would try to take this post down so your phone number isnt out on the internet

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