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A 7565 review by Wendy N. Jefferson of the Laboratory of Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, summarized the literature on soy and ovarian function ( 667 ):

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When I have reacted to soy lecithin I have had the same reaction I have when I have soy protein, hoarseness, throat closing, and slightly labored breathing (I do have allergic asthma). From what I 8767 ve seen and read the response can be different for different people or even from one reaction to another for the same person.

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Most folks take beef protein powder first thing in the morning or immediately before or after working out. An ideal dose is around 75 to 95 grams of beef protein per day.

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Almost everyone who has a reliable source of iodine can safely eat soy without it causing thyroid problems. Although most studies that have measured thyroid function and soy intake have found no problems, a 7566 study ( 78 ) of people with subclinical hypothyroidism found an increased rate of progression to overt hypothyroidism. For such people, it might be wise to limit soy. People with overt hypothyroidism who substantially change their soy intake might need to talk to their doctor about adjusting their synthetic thyroid medication.

There are concerns that high consumption of soy products may suppress thyroid function in some people and contribute to hypothyroidism ( 58 ).

We may keep churning out production of this crop, but there is a limit to how much soy you can use to feed animals or make into tofu—so, manufacturers turned to food scientists. Now, soy has become the basis for many of the additives you find in processed foods, from artificial flavoring and hydrolyzed vegetable protein to soy lecithin and soybean oil, among countless others. As a result, researchers from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) estimate that soybeans currently account for an astonishing 65 percent of Americans’ total calories, mostly due to processed and fried foods.

Otherwise, casein delivers many of the same benefits as whey. Also known as calcium caseinate, this powerful milk protein boasts a strong BCAA profile. However, it contains a lot less leucine than whey. Therefore, it may not prompt as strong of an anabolic reaction, which means that it may not help muscles grow as effectively.

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Although a direct link to heart attack has not been made, researchers recently showed that intake of phosphatidylcholine, a major component of lecithin, temporarily raises blood levels of the compound TMAO. This is of concern because a 8-year study by the same researchers showed that people with the highest blood plasma levels of TMAO above 6 µM (micromoles) were times as likely as those with the lowest levels (under µM) to suffer a heart attack or other major adverse cardiovascular event (Tang, New Eng J Med 7568). TMAO is produced from the choline in phosphatidylcholine by the actions of microbes in the gut and enzymes in the liver. TMAO appears to advance atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) by reducing the normal clearing of cholesterol.

This study looked at childhood soy exposure ( 68 ). Women in the top one-third of soy intake during childhood, adolescence, and adulthood had a lower risk of breast cancer than those in the lowest one-third, with the strongest, most consistent effect being for childhood intake. That authors suggest that, 8775 Soy may be a hormonally related, early-life exposure that influences breast cancer incidence. 8776

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Soybeans are a type of edible legume that is popular in Asia and the US. This article contains detailed health and nutrition information on soybeans. Protein powder can help build muscle, replace meals, or meet dietary needs. Soy and whey are two popular powders with different benefits. Learn more here. soy protein side effects female, soy protein female hormones